Mohair Hybrid Mini Paint Rollers 5mm Nap/10 Pack

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A smooth finish has never been easier to achieve, particularly in tighter spots and surface areas with our mini paint rollers. Transform whatever you’re painting with a superior, flawless smooth finish using these mini rollers that will last you a long time and pick up paint like it’s brand new every time. Our paint rollers are made by painters for painters because we know what fussy blokes look for to get their next job done. Don’t forget to paint a coat of primer before you get going and enjoy the ease of painting with this 3-pack of mini rollers today.


The unbeatable combination of hybrid mohair fabric ensures a super smooth finish without any shedding, while the unique weave helps you avoid unwanted splatters. Our Hybrid Mohair rollers don’t just stop there; in addition to oil-based paints, they are also compatible with water-based paints, marine paints, and even epoxies and hold more paint than regular Mohair rollers.


We developed our Mini Mohair Hybrid 5mm NAP/Pile roller for the smoothest finish possible when used with oil-based paints. Because the surface you’ll be painting determines the NAP/Pile you will need – the shorter the NAP the finer the finish. To paint doors, frames or furniture at a fraction of the cost whilst achieving a smooth finish. The 5mm mohair hybrid holds a sufficient amount of paint to make the painting job a breeze, while the design of fabric prevents the paint from splattering.