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Our Glass Scraper is an essential tool for the effortless removal of dirt, paint, adhesives, and everything in between. It comes with one pre-installed blade and two spares, located in a nook in the handle. Safety and ergonomic support are a top priority for us, so our scrapers are made with comfortability in mind.


  • Comes with three blades total.
  • Designed with safety and ergonomics top of mind.
  • A razor-sharp blade that easily rotates from the sharp edge to the safe edge two spares conveniently stored in a compartment in the handle
  • Length: 100mm | 4″

Paint scrapers come in a few forms. There’s the manual scraper, used for getting paint and rust out of tight spots; the electric grinder, for scraping off paint from wood and metal, and the heat gun, a high-tech paint removal solution.

Two Fussy Blokes’ Glass Scraper is the best paint accessory for cleaning up unwanted materials from those hard to reach areas. Complete with a pack of additional blades, this paint scraper is safe to use, so you can rest easy. Our glass scraper features a razor-sharp blade that rotates smoothly between the blunt and sharp ends, allowing you to clean glass whilst minimising the risk of cuts or injury.

The Glass Scraper comes complete with one ready-to-use blade and two spares designed to accommodate the natural contours of the hand. Blade replacement is a no-brainer with this glass scraper, just hold the end of the handle, pull to reveal the spare blades, and gently lift the lever to release a new blade. Close the lever and slide the blade compartment back into place — making sure it clicks — and then carefully remove the dull used blade before replacing it with your sharp one, ensuring the locking squares are correctly fitted into the jaws.