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Berry Rouge Lux Metallic Paint by Paint Couture is a water based, brilliant metallic paint that dries to a silky smooth, satin finish.  Our Lux Metallics are self-leveling and extremely easy to blend with superior durability.  Amazing pigmentation, exceptional adhesion, and excellent coverage are achieved with Paint Couture Lux Metallic paint because of its unique formulation that includes a built-in topcoat.  Paint Couture Lux Metallic paint is eco-friendly and proudly made in the USA with renewable resources, making it environmentally friendly and safe.  Our Lux Metallic paint can be used outdoors with our Extreme Guard Topcoats.  When a tough and durable metallic paint is desired, buy with confidence in using our premium and innovative metallic paint formulation.  Paint Couture Lux Metallic Paint has all that you need to achieve a beautiful, satin finish on your cabinetry, furniture, and craft projects. 

Preparation: Clean furniture or cabinets using Paint Couture Fresh Start.  A light sanding is recommended on glossy surfaces using 220 grit sanding paper or sanding pad.  Remove wax with mineral spirits.

Kitchen Cabinet Preparation:
 In addition to the steps above, use denatured alcohol to remove grease and grime.

 Paint Couture Lux Metallic may be brushed, rolled, or sprayed.  Two coats are recommended.  A one hour dry time is recommended between coats of paint under normal conditions, 50°-90°F.  Applying Paint Couture Glaze after four hours will add depth to your work and provide a distressed or antiqued look.  Use Paint Couture Premium Plus 2-in-1 Bonding and Blocking Primer for non-wood surfaces or for wood that may bleed through paint because of tannins.  Paint Couture Topcoats are recommended for heavy interior use or our Extreme Guard Topcoat for outdoor use.  Our Extender can be used to increase the dry time of our paints, metallics, glazes, and topcoats by adding small amounts, not to exceed 15%.

Clean up:
 Use warm soapy water.


Approximately 10 square feet @ .70 mils per eighth pint (2 fluid ounces) / 59 ml
Approximately 20 square feet @ .70 mils per quarter pint (4 fluid ounces) / 118 ml
Approximately 40 square feet @ .70 mils per half pint (8 fluid ounces) / 237 ml
Approximately 80 square feet @ .70 mils per pint (16 fluid ounces) / 473 ml
Approximately 160 square feet @ .70 mils per quart (32 fluid ounces) / 946 ml
Approximately 640 square feet @ .70 mils per gallon (128 fluid ounces) / 3.79 L